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Rahul Gandhi About His Clothes

Rahul Gandhi About His Clothes

Once upon a time, Rajeev Gandhi, the former Prime Minister was known for his handsome look though looked simple wearing normal clothes during campaigns. 

But otherwise he always looked trim with shaved look and also looked neat and tidy wearing proper suits. 

But his son, Rahul Gandhi is not following his father in maintaining a trim handsome look. 

The 53 year old leader of the Congress party, Rahul Gandhi prefers simplicity in his style. 

During a campaign in Karnataka, he explained that he wears a white T-shirt because he likes transparency and simplicity, not because he cares much about clothes. 

Apart from clarifying that, he also interviewed Congress chief M Kharge and Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah in a casual video chat asking about their views on campaigning and ideology. 

Kharge emphasized the importance of sticking to ideology even if it means sacrificing power. 

Gandhi seconded stating that a clear understanding of the party's ideology is essential for gaining power. 

He also expressed his satisfaction with campaigning despite its challenges and emphasized the importance of addressing the country's needs through speeches. 

Karnataka has 28 Lok Sabha seats with elections being held in two phases. 

The first phase concluded on April 26 and the second phase will take place on May 7 with vote counting scheduled for June 4.