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MK Stalin Alleges Modi's 'Cheap Strategy'

MK Stalin Alleges Modi's 'Cheap Strategy'

On 18 May DMK President and Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of using a 'cheap strategy' to create conflict between states since his communal propaganda failed. 

Stalin criticized Modi's 'imaginary tales and lies', alleging southern state leaders including those from Tamil Nadu were being wrongly accused of insulting Uttar Pradesh.

On 16 May Modi claimed at a rally that the Samajwadi Party and Congress’s southern allies disrespected Uttar Pradesh and Sanatana Dharma with no response from these parties. 

Stalin argued it was the BJP that spread fake news referencing YouTuber Manish Kashyap's false claims of assaults on migrant workers in Tamil Nadu. Kashyap who was arrested last year for circulating fake videos recently joined the BJP.

Modi's comments on the North and South divide followed the completion of polling in 131 southern Lok Sabha seats. 

He accused the INDIA bloc of insulting Uttar Pradesh and Sanatana Dharma questioning voters if they would support those who abuse UP citizens.

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah condemned Modi’s divisive rhetoric, emphasizing India's unity and criticizing Modi for spreading venom. 

Stalin maintained that the BJP’s hate propaganda was a desperate tactic due to a lack of achievements, leading to false attacks on welfare schemes in opposition-ruled states.