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Is Dhruv Rathee Going To Be Arrested?

Is Dhruv Rathee Going To Be Arrested?

The Swati Maliwal issue has taken different turns and is igniting Delhi politics. There are suppositions and allegations that BJP is using Swati as a pawn to create disturbances within the AAP.

To recap, Swati alleged that Arvind Kejriwal's Personal Secretary, Bibhav Kumar, suddenly barged in, screamed at her without provocation, abused her, and later assaulted her.

Notably, Delhi police arrested Bibhav Kumar immediately.

Currently, Swati Maliwal alleges that popular YouTuber Dhruv Rathee's video about her is creating trouble, as she is receiving rape and death threats. She claims the video by Dhruv is controversial and holds him accountable.

Maliwal tweeted on X, "After the leaders and volunteers of my party, i.e., AAP, orchestrated a campaign of character assassination, victim-shaming, and fanning of emotions against me, I have been getting rape and death threats. This got further exacerbated when YouTuber @Dhruv_Rathee posted a one-sided video against me."

This suggests and raises suspicions that the groundwork is being laid for Dhruv Rathee's arrest. 

Another point to note is that Dhruv Rathee has made several videos severely criticizing and demonizing Narendra Modi.