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Do You Know About D-Voters In Assam?

Do You Know About D-Voters In Assam?

'D' voters are Doubtful Voters who are referred to individuals flagged during the revision of electoral rolls due to doubts about their citizenship status. 

These doubts arise when their cases are pending with the Foreigners Tribunals or when they have been declared foreigners by the Tribunal.

Despite being labeled as D voters they still have the opportunity to apply for inclusion in the updated National Register of Citizens (NRC). 

But their names will only be considered for inclusion after receiving clearance from the Foreigners Tribunals and upon removal of their status as 'D' voters from the Electoral Roll.

This process underscores the complexity and sensitivity surrounding citizenship issues in India particularly in regions where concerns about illegal immigration are prevalent. 

The designation of D voter and the subsequent procedures highlight the challenges faced by individuals caught in the bureaucratic and legal intricacies of proving their citizenship status. 

These voters are in significant number in Assam and other NE States of India when compared to other places.