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Did Nadda Convey a Message From Modi-Shah?

Did Nadda Convey a Message From Modi-Shah?

Following JP Nadda’s sensational statement that the BJP did not need RSS’s support anymore to win elections, political analysts have been wracking their brains to understand whether it was just a mere slip of the tongue or whether there was actually a rift between Modi-Shah and the RSS.

The theory gaining traction currently is that there is indeed a schism between the BJP and the Sangh Parivar. 

For starters, it is unfathomable that Nadda would have made such a statement without the approval of Modi and Amit Shah. So, why then did Nadda make this assertion?

Apparently, the RSS has not been campaigning actively for Modi unlike in the previous elections. 

The reason could be that Modi and Shah have taken absolute control of the BJP to the extent that they are no longer taking the RSS into confidence. 

In fact, when Modi was the Gujarat CM, he apparently did not allow the RSS to have the say in any kind of decision-making.

Now, that his image is the strongest ever, Modi probably feels that the RSS needs him more than he needs them. 

In the Hindi heartland of Uttar Pradesh which is of paramount importance to the BJP, lack of support from the RSS can have a huge impact and it is for this reason that Modi and Shah probably felt like sending out a message to Mohan Bhagwat through JP Nadda.

For the RSS, which has long been battling for Hindu-unity, what impact this challenge by the BJP will have on them remains to be seen.