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BJP and RSS: A critical juncture

BJP and RSS: A critical juncture

The results of the 2024 elections in India have the potential to transform the relations between the RSS and the BJP forever. 

The BJP is a political offshoot of the RSS formed to realize the ideology of the RSS without compromising the Sangh in any way. 

Members of the RSS swear their allegiance to the ‘saffron flag’ and not to any individual. The RSS believes that no single person is above the Sangh and doesn’t believe in a ‘personality cult’.

Earlier, it was only Atal Bihari Vajpayee who had enough clout to countermand the Sangh because of his popularity. Yet, things never went so far as to strain the relations between the BJP and the RSS, under him.

However, it is a different scenario today. Modi has emerged as a ‘giant’ and the elections are being fought entirely in his name. 

There are reports of increasing strain between the BJP and RSS to the point that JP Nadda actually declared that they didn’t need the RSS to win elections, anymore. 

If the BJP wins the elections with an absolute majority, the equation with the RSS could change completely. 

Therefore, the RSS might not be unhappy if the BJP wins but would need the support of its alliance partners. 

That way, Modi would not have a free hand and might be forced to rely on the RSS once again.

It goes without saying therefore, that the relations between the RSS and BJP are at an extremely crucial juncture and all hinges on the outcome of the 2024 election.