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Sonia Gandhi Still Dreaming Big!

Sonia Gandhi Still Dreaming Big!

On June 3 Congress leader Sonia Gandhi expressed optimism that the Lok Sabha election results would differ significantly from exit poll predictions. 

She urged patience stating, "We have to wait, just wait and see", and added that her party is hopeful for results opposite to what the exit polls suggest.

Sonia Gandhi's comments followed an event at the DMK office in New Delhi where she honored DMK leader M Karunanidhi on his 100th birth anniversary.

Exit polls have largely forecasted a third consecutive term for Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the BJP led NDA expected to secure a substantial majority. 

Some polls predict the NDA winning over 400 seats while most estimate over 350 far exceeding the 272 needed for a majority.

Congress and its allies in the INDIA bloc have dismissed these exit polls as "fantasy", asserting that their coalition will form the next government. 

Rahul Gandhi criticized the polls as biased calling them "Modi media polls" and "fantasy polls".

Congress leaders claim that the INDIA bloc will secure 295 seats and form the government. 

At the Karunanidhi event Sonia Gandhi also reflected on her interactions with the late leader by praising his wisdom and extending her best wishes to attendees.