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Narendra Modi's New Record In Two Days

Narendra Modi's New Record In Two Days

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is about to set a new record on May 31st. He will surpass Manmohan Singh in terms of the longest-serving Prime Ministers of India. 

Currently, Modi is in fourth position and will surpass Manmohan Singh on May 31st by completing 10 years and 4 days as Prime Minister of India. This makes him the first non-Congress Prime Minister to be in the top 3 list.

If Modi returns to power and serves for an additional 14 months, he will surpass Indira Gandhi as well. 

However, to secure the top spot as the longest-serving Prime Minister, beating Jawaharlal Nehru, Modi would need to be elected for a fourth term and serve for almost two more years from then.

Elections are going on at present in India and the results are going to be out on June 4th to see if Narendra Modi is coming back to power for the third term.