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Modi Says Rahul Has 'Baalak Buddhi'

Modi Says Rahul Has 'Baalak Buddhi'

Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticized Rahul Gandhi in the Lok Sabha, calling him ‘balak buddhi’ (a grown man with a child's mind) for his behavior and speech, which Modi described as a sympathy-seeking drama.

Modi mocked Gandhi's complaints and childish behavior in Parliament, saying the country no longer takes him seriously.

On Monday, Gandhi had criticized the government on various issues, including the NEET controversy and questioned the party’s adherence to Hindu ideology.

Speaker Om Birla expunged many parts of his speech. Modi pointed out that Gandhi is out on bail in a corruption case and accused him of using God's images for political gain.

Modi emphasized the need to take Gandhi's actions seriously to protect parliamentary democracy warning against dismissing them as mere childishness. He labeled the Congress a "parasite" that performs poorly without its allies.

Modi ridiculed Congress's celebration of minor victories comparing it to a boy celebrating 99 marks out of 543 implying a record in failure.