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Kejriwal's Released An Emotional Video

Kejriwal's Released An Emotional Video

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, facing jail time, posted an emotional message saying he is proud to be going to jail to combat dictatorship. 

After receiving interim bail from the Supreme Court on May 10, he must surrender to Tihar jail on June 2. 

In his video, Kejriwal recounted his previous imprisonment where he was tortured and denied insulin causing severe health issues. Despite these hardships he remains determined and spirited.

Kejriwal explained that during his 50 day jail stint he lost significant weight and has ongoing health concerns. 

He reassured Delhi residents that government services would continue in his absence including free electricity, medical care and bus travel for women. 

He also promised to implement a scheme providing a thousand rupees per month to women upon his return.

The Chief Minister asked for prayers for his ailing parents and expressed his commitment to fighting against dictatorship even at the risk of his life. 

He ended with a hopeful message trusting in the power of people's prayers and blessings for his safe return.