Why is There Even a Debate?

Why is There Even a Debate?

The controversy over the slapping incident of Kangana Ranaut refuses to die with various people taking sides for and against the actress. 

For the record, Kangana was slapped by CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur while the latter was going to board a flight to Delhi from Mohali International Airport on June 6. 

Kulwindr Kaur was reportedly irked by statements made by Kangana on the year-long agitation of the farmers against the new farm laws (Which were subsequently scrapped by the Centre). 

One statement by Kangana had specifically irked Kulwinder when Kangana had said the farmers were sitting on agitation for Rs 100 each. “My own mother was part of that agitation when Kangana made that comment,” said Kulwinder.

The CISF Constable has since been placed on suspension pending an inquiry and a criminal case also been filed against her.

But what is really surprising to see is the debate around whether Kulwinder was justified or not. There’s absolutely no doubt that she ought to be dismissed from service straight away. 

In what way is she different from Lawrence Bishnoi who is threatening Salman Khan? If everyone starts taking the law into their own hands, there will be nothing but utter chaos. 

As a CISF Constable, Kulwinder is responsible for the safety and security of all passengers at the airport. It calls for putting your duty above your personal prejudices. 

Intimidating a person or assaulting him or her for having a contrarian opinion, is just not acceptable. If stringent action is not taken against Kaur, it will only embolden other disgruntled elements.

Why is there even a debate about the whole thing? Kaur has lost her credibility and proven herself incapable of any position that involves safeguarding the lives of Indians.