The Bihar Story: Progressive or regressive?

The Bihar Story: Progressive or regressive?

While the JD (U) has emerged as a key player at the centre with 12 Lok Sabha Members and naturally, naturally, the eyes of everyone are on whether it will be able to wrest Special Category Status from the Centre. 

However, there is a far more serious issue in Bihar that can have wide ramifications for the entire country.

Following a caste-based survey in Bihar in 2022-23 which revealed that nearly 85% of Bihar’s population constituted EBCs, OBCs, STs and SCs, the Bihar government had passed a resolution increasing the reservations to those communities from the existing 50 percent to 65 percent in government jobs and all educational institutions.

However, the High Court struck down this Act by the Bihar government saying it was unconstitutional and that caste-based reservations cannot exceed 50 percent.

The Bihar government has now challenged this verdict in the Supreme Court and the verdict can have immense and far-reaching consequences for the nation. 

Should the Bihar government win the case, it is highly possible that other States in India will follow suit, for the purpose of retaining or winning power. 

But the million dollar question is: is this a step in the right direction?

Definitely not! There should be equality of opportunity, not privilege. It is the responsibility of the government to ensure that every citizen of India should not want for basic food, clothing, shelter and education. 

Educations is what enables an individual to become an active contributing member of society and thereby lead a life of dignity and respect. Therefore, even free education is a welcome step. 

But jobs should be done only by those who have earned that right. Society can never thrive on freebies, only through meritocracy and education provides that level-playing field.

If India is to become a developed nation, it can only be through merit and not through reservations in jobs. 

It is only a matter of time before the demand for reservations extends to the private sector as well and that will lead to chaos and total anarchy with the best and brightest minds leaving the country leaving the mediocre to rule the nation. 

That will be a ticket that will take us back right to the Dark Ages.