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TN People Dont Connect With 'Hindutva'!

TN People Dont Connect With 'Hindutva'!

Lok Sabha MP Karti Chidambaram highlighted that Tamils are highly orthodox Hindus with numerous temples and rituals making it unnecessary for others to preach Hinduism to them. 

Following his victory in Tamil Nadu's Sivaganga Chidambaram addressed perceptions of him not being a grassroots politician due to his legacy from his father P Chidambaram.

Despite the BJP's highest-ever vote share of over 11% in the state Chidambaram claimed this figure was exaggerated similar to the media portrayal of BJP's state president Annamalai. 

He explained that Tamil Nadu's political landscape does not align with BJP's North Indian, upper-caste, vegetarian Hindutva.

Chidambaram emphasized the importance of political alliances in Tamil Nadu, noting that the ADMK is often underestimated and not given due respect by the national press despite having a solid rural vote bank. He argued that defeating the DMK without ADMK's support is electorally impossible. 

Chidambaram concluded that the BJP's influence in Tamil Nadu is exaggerated and does not reflect the ground reality.