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Strange Oath-Ceremony In Madhya Pradesh

Strange Oath-Ceremony In Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh BJP MLA Ramniwas Rawat, a former Congress leader was inducted into Chief Minister Mohan Yadav's cabinet in a chaotic ceremony. 

Rawat scheduled to be sworn in as a Cabinet Minister at 9 am was mistakenly administered the oath as a Minister of State. 

Fifteen minutes later he was sworn in correctly as a Cabinet Minister. This procedural error raised questions and highlighted the unusual nature of his induction as he remains a Congress MLA while serving as a BJP minister. 

Rawat, who hasn't resigned from Congress holds an unprecedented dual role due to the oath taking error. 

He expressed gratitude to the BJP and criticized Congress, claiming they did not respect him. Congress filed a petition to disqualify Rawat and another leader who joined the BJP. 

Congress spokesperson Avaneesh Bundela criticized the BJP's governance over the mishap. 

Rawat, a six time MLA from Sheopur district joined the BJP in April. 

His induction increases the state's Cabinet Ministers to 19 and will trigger a by election for his seat.