The Defective Detectives Review: A Laugh Riot On Big Screen

The Defective Detectives Review: A Laugh Riot On Big Screen

Film: The Defective Detectives
Rating: 3/5

Cast: Johny Lever, Siddharth Jadhav, Jayesh Thakkar, Shweta Gulati, Tejaswini Lonari
Music Director: Kashyap Sompura
Co-Producer: Sejal Dipak Painter, Mangesh Jagtap
Director: Paritosh Painter
Producer: Rajeev Kuumar Saha 
Duration: 133 Minutes
Date: 05 April 2024

If you are watching a comedy film, a good laugh is what you need in the cinema. You instantly want to forget all your problems and travel with the film's characters who consistently bring a smile to your face.

Playing in cinemas across the country, 'The Defective Detectives' is one such English-language comedy film that is as hilarious as it can get and you won't find a single dull moment while watching this laugh riot on the big screen.

The story of 'The Defective Detectives' is unique in the sense that three physically disabled friends -- Shree (blind), Adi (deaf) and Manav (mute) -- embark on a journey to launch a detective agency and try to solve highly complicated criminal cases in their own unusual ways.

Their actions as they try to investigate the cases are enough to create a string of hilarious situations.

With Shree, Adi and Manav, director Paritosh Painter tries to create unique characters who keep generating laughs with their funny acts.

Their rib-tickling ways of making the audience laugh forms the larger part of the movie.

Siddharth Jadhav, Jayesh Thakkar and Vishnu Mehra are amazingly hilarious.

They make the film more watchable and largely enjoyable because of how their characters have been conceived and brought to life on screen by them.

The stellar performances from the other cast members of this out and out comedy film is also laudable.

Johny Lever, Shweta Gulati, Tejaswini Lonari, Bharat Dabholkar, Vijay Patkar, Resham Tipnis, Ninad Kamat and Jesse Lever have gone all out to make the audiences laugh.

The smart one-liners, the comic punchlines throughout the film, the humorous and bizarre twists and turns, the top-notch performances by the star cast, the fun-filled music reflecting the comic mood, the crisp editing and all other aspects seamlessly blend into a production that turns it into a fun-filled and humorously adventurous ride.

'The Defective Detectives' is a film worth your moolah and it should be enjoyed on the big screen.

This is such a light-hearted and deliriously entertaining film that you would love to watch it with your whole family. Don't skip this one at any cost!