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Raveena Tandon Was Not Drunk

Raveena Tandon Was Not Drunk

On June 2 Mumbai police addressed allegations against actor Raveena Tandon regarding rash driving. 

A few individuals claimed that Raveena's driver injured them outside her house, and a video showed Raveena pleading, "don't hit me" as she tried to calm the crowd. This video went viral.

However, police clarified that the complaint against Raveena, accusing her of drunkenness, rash driving, and assault, was false. 

According to the police, the incident began when Raveena's driver was reversing the car, and three people feared they would be hit. 

An argument ensued, but no complaints were initially filed by either party.

Raveena was accused of being intoxicated and hitting a woman with her car. Police confirmed that no one was injured and that Raveena was sober. 

DCP Rajtilak Roshan stated that CCTV footage showed the car did not hit anyone.

The argument escalated leading Raveena to intervene and protect her driver from the mob. 

Both parties went to the Khar police station where they initially filed complaints but later withdrew them. 

The police confirmed that the incident involved misunderstandings and no actual harm was done.