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Pradeep Rawat On Egoistic South Directors

Pradeep Rawat On Egoistic South Directors

Senior character actor and on-screen villain Pradeep Rawat has discussed his experiences working in South Indian cinema in a recent interview. 

He shared that actors earn three times more in the South compared to Bollywood. He explained that while an actor might earn Rs 1 lakh per day in Mumbai they could make Rs 3 lakh per day in the South without even asking for it.

But Pradeep also mentioned dealing with egotistical directors in the South describing them as highly authoritative and unapproachable often surrounded by bodyguards who keep people at a distance of five feet.

Earlier Pradeep also explained why he stopped acting in Bollywood. Despite the success of Ghajini, Bollywood’s first film to earn Rs 100 crore he did not receive good roles afterward. 

He felt unable to accept mediocre roles after such success and had no financial urgency to continue in Bollywood since he was getting substantial work in the South.

The fact is that Pradeep is making good fortune from the South film industry, but he is concerned towards the egostic nature of star directors.