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Neena Gupta Shares Her Rs 2000 Flashback

Neena Gupta Shares Her Rs 2000 Flashback

Seasoned actress Neena Gupta shared her experiences and advice on motherhood with her daughter Masaba who is expecting her first child. 

Neena expressed that despite facing challenges her journey as a mother has been wonderful and she believes it can be the same for any woman who desires motherhood.

In a video shared by Masaba, her mom Neena advised that having children isn't a big deal, trusting in a higher power helps things go smoothly. 

Neena recalled about her own experience by revealing she had limited financial resources when Masaba was born but managed with faith and some help from family.

Masaba, in light of Neena's autobiography, disclosed that her mother had only Rs 2000 in her bank account when she was born. 

Despite hardships, Neena raised Masaba as a single mother until she found love and remarried in 2008. 

Masaba who is now pregnant herself appreciates her mother's sacrifices and works hard to repay her for bringing her into the world. 

But the point is Masaba was born to Neena and famous West Indies Cricketer Vivian Richards. 

Her single parenthood can be understood but many frown at the Rs 2000 financial resources she was talking about.