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Malaika Shares A Life Lesson To The World

Malaika Shares A Life Lesson To The World

In a recent talk, Malaika Arora shared that she is unaffected by trolls and has even built her career amid criticism. 

She stated that everyone works hard to build their brand without shortcuts and her career has thrived despite being trolled for her choices, personality and attire. 

This consistent criticism has made her immune to negative comments, she shared.

Malaika explained that she prefers to stay silent on social media against trolls believing it unnecessary to engage with them. She only addresses negative comments if they target her or her loved ones. 

She values her time and energy choosing to focus on more important matters rather than justifying her personal or professional life to anyone.

Recently it has been reported that Malaika has ended her relationship with actor Arjun Kapoor though neither has officially confirmed the breakup.