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Karan Johar's Mom Sold Bangles As Film Flopped

Karan Johar's Mom Sold Bangles As Film Flopped

We see the famous Awareness campaign before every film where a mother confesses that she sold both her bangles to meet the expenses of health ruined by smoking. 

Though that is an emotional thing, continuous watching of the same ended up as national entertainment. 

Karan Johar confesses something similar from his past where his mother sold her jewelry to meet the losses incurred as their films flopped. 

Karan Johar recently reflected on his relationship with wealth and how Dharma Productions' setbacks shaped it. Founded by his father Yash Johar in 1979 Dharma saw success with its debut film Dostana (1980) but struggled with subsequent releases. 

Karan recalled the financial hardships such as his mother selling her jewelry and his father selling property to finance failed projects.

Karan shared that despite their middle to upper middle class status his father made him feel privileged. After Karan’s first few successful films he took over Dharma, working tirelessly to fulfill his father's dream. 

He emphasized his dedication working 16-20 hours a day and expressed pride in his achievements refusing to apologize for enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Karan also noted his father deserved more recognition for his contributions to the film industry. He highlighted the difference between past and present producers feeling that his father would be proud of Dharma’s current success. 

Karan's reflections underscore his journey from financial struggles to becoming a significant figure in Indian cinema.