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Kangana Says Film Industry In 'Fake And Insincere'

Kangana Says Film Industry In 'Fake And Insincere'

Kangana Ranaut has mentioned that she might leave Bollywood after the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections to continue her career in politics. 

In an interview she criticized the film industry as fake and insincere describing it as a deceptive bubble designed to attract audiences. 

Well, all these years she has been with film industry and she is known to the world only by that. But still she never minces words to express her feelings. 

Despite her critique she expressed her passion for creative work in filmmaking beyond acting.

Kangana plans to make her political debut by contesting elections from her hometown Mandi representing the Bhartiya Janata Party. She is currently active in her campaign. 

Known for her roles in many films,  Kangana has also directed 'Emergency', a film about the 21 month period of Indira Gandhi’s emergency rule where she portrays Indira Gandhi. 

Initially set for a June release "Emergency" has been postponed. Kangana's upcoming projects include "Sita: The Incarnation," "Noti Binodini," and an untitled thriller with R. Madhavan.