Karan Johar Explains Why He Stays Away From The ‘N’ Word

Karan Johar Explains Why He Stays Away From The ‘N’ Word

Filmmaker Karan Johar has once again addressed the topic of nepotism, but this time he said that he stays "away from the 'N' word" on his social media.

Karan shared a video on Instagram featuring Zarna Garg, an Indian-American stand-up comedian, who is currently in India for her show titled 'Practical People Win'.

In the clip, Karan and Zarna, whose work is heavily based on her real-life experience as an Indian immigrant mom in America, discuss how Indian children used to aspire to become doctors and accountants in the past.

Describing Karan as her "nemesis", Zarna said that because of the filmmaker, children aspire to become actors.

She then goes on to say: “Nepotism was great.”

When Zarna prompts Karan for a response, he appears momentarily speechless before expressing his affection with "I love you" and a hug.

Zarna hilariously then tells him: "First of all, you obviously don’t know my work, because we don't use the 'L' word around here," which leaves Karan in splits.

For the caption, Karan wrote: “Aunty Z giving us her TOTD (Thought of the day)! I am rarely speechless, but I thought on this topic I should maintain an undignified silence!”

“She doesn’t use the L word, and I stay away from the 'N' word! We are a match made in digital heaven,” he added.

The topic of "nepotism" gained widespread attention in 2017 after actress Kangana Ranaut referred to Karan as the “flag-bearer of nepotism” on 'Koffee With Karan'.