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Why This Is Time For New Crypto Tokens?

Why This Is Time For New Crypto Tokens?

BitMEX co founder Arthur Hayes suggests now is an ideal time for new crypto projects to launch their tokens citing favorable economic conditions. 

In his latest essay Hayes notes that central banks like the Bank of Canada and the European Central Bank are cutting interest rates making borrowing cheaper and driving investors toward riskier assets like crypto. This optimism can raise crypto prices prompting projects to launch tokens.

Hayes’ venture firm 'Maelstrom Capital' manages over 20 crypto startups some of which have launched tokens while others like Elixir have yet to do so despite signaling intentions. 

However some investors are wary of “low float high FDV” token structures that benefit early investors but often lead to new tokens plummeting in value due to lack of demand.

Despite investor fatigue economic shifts may reignite interest. Hayes points to recent rate cuts as a sign of changing conditions. 

He notes the increased likelihood of US rate cuts as indicated by a 70% chance of a September cut following weaker economic data. This led to significant investments in US Bitcoin ETFs.

Hayes believes a weakening Japanese yen will boost crypto prices arguing that central banks could lower interest rates to make trading the yen less appealing though this risks inflation. 

He plans to share his strategy on which “shitcoins” to invest in predicting a crypto market resurgence.