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Trump’s Crypto Wallet Swells To $12m

Trump’s Crypto Wallet Swells To $12m

In the past 24 hours a crypto wallet linked to Donald Trump received nearly US$ 500,000 in various tokens including Ethereum. 

This activity follows a New York jury's verdict finding Trump guilty of 34 counts of falsifying business records potentially leading to a jail sentence. Trump plans to appeal the decision.

Analytics from Arkham Intelligence reveal that Trump's wallet now contains over US$12 million in cryptocurrencies confirmed through his financial statements from August 2023. 

His largest holding is in the TRUMP memecoin. On May 24 the wallet had about $9 million in crypto.

The verdict has energized Trump's supporters who see the trial as an attempt to undermine his chances against President Joe Biden. 

Earlier this month Trump endorsed cryptocurrency and announced that his campaign would accept crypto donations. 

Followed by that, his e-wallet has been swelling big.