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The Queen And Her Look Alike Both Died At 96

The Queen And Her Look Alike Both Died At 96

Jeannette Charles who is a famous British actress known for looking remarkably like Queen Elizabeth II died at 96. 

“Mum was a real character and a force of nature. She had an amazing life,” Christophi said.

Charles’s career as a Queen Elizabeth II impersonator began in the 1970s. Her resemblance to the Queen was noted in her childhood and became prominent in the 1970s. 

Her career took off after artist Jane Thornhill submitted Charles's portrait to the Royal Academy of Arts in 1972, leading Buckingham Palace to inquire if the Queen had posed for it. 

Charles recalled, “After that, my phone didn’t stop ringing… an agent said my resemblance to the Queen could be a money-spinner.”

Over fifty years, Charles appeared on TV shows, opened supermarkets, assisted magicians, and shot adverts. 

She portrayed the Queen in music videos, on Saturday Night Live, and even presented a silver disc to the band Queen. 

Her notable roles included “National Lampoon’s European Vacation,” “Naked Gun,” and “Austin Powers in Goldmember.” She was a staunch royalist and never took roles that “would reflect badly on the monarch or myself.”

As a strange coincidence, both the Queen and her impersonator died at 96.