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Responsible Gesture By Air India Impresses Passengers

Responsible Gesture By Air India Impresses Passengers

Air India recently faced anger of passengers after they experienced a 30 hour delay on a Delhi to San Francisco flight. 

The delay was caused by technical issues and operational constraints and led the airline to issue an apology and offer compensation.

Air India’s Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Klaus Goersch has expressed regret in a letter apologizing for the extended delay and offering each passenger a USD 350 travel voucher for future use with Air India. 

Alternatively passengers could choose to have the amount credited to their bank accounts.

Goersch expressed that passenger safety was the airline's top priority during the delay. 

He agreed to the inconvenience caused and offered the compensation as a gesture of apology hoping it would convey the airline's sincere regrets.

The flight scheduled to depart Thursday afternoon was delayed due to technical glitches, non operational air conditioning systems and payload issues, stranding passengers for over 30 hours. 

The airline authorities expressed deep regret for the lapse in service.

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) took notice and issued a show cause notice to Air India citing delays in this flight and another from Mumbai to San Francisco. 

The DGCA highlighted the airline's failure to adequately assist passengers during these delays. Amidst all this the responsible gesture by Air India pleased majority of passengers.