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Police Accused of Sharing Hotel Data

Police Accused of Sharing Hotel Data

Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Police are accused of collecting hotel guest data and sharing with Blockchain Firms. 

Recently a user on X (formerly Twitter) questioned the Telangana police about collecting data on people checking into hotels. 

The user claimed that the police in Hyderabad are gathering details of all hotel guests and allegedly sharing this information with a blockchain company called Zebichain. 

Another user shared a similar concern with the Visakhapatnam City Police in Andhra Pradesh mentioning a blockchain firm named Zebiid. 

The user recounted an experience where a hotel receptionist had access to his previous stay records across various hotels in the city. 

These allegations imply that the police are systematically collecting hotel guest information and sharing it with the blockchain company Zebi for unknown reasons. 

These incidents reportedly took place in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam. 

On June 7th, a user with the X ID @digitaldutta posted, "Dear @TelanganaCOPs, why are you collecting details of everyone who checks into a hotel in Hyderabad and why are you sending them to a blockchain company - Zebichain?"