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OpenAI CEO Donates Huge To The World

OpenAI CEO Donates Huge To The World

Sam Altman the CEO of OpenAI has joined the ranks of billionaires pledging to give away most of their wealth by signing the Giving Pledge with his partner Oliver Mulherin. 

The Giving Pledge, initiated by Bill Gates, Melinda French Gates and Warren Buffett in 2010 aims to encourage the world's wealthiest to contribute a significant portion of their fortunes to philanthropic causes.

In their pledge letter, Altman and Mulherin expressed immense gratitude for the support and efforts of many people that enabled their success committing to 'pay it forward' and further societal development.

Altman's wealth stems from his investments in companies like Reddit and Stripe as he does not hold equity in OpenAI. 

Other notable figures who have signed the Giving Pledge include MacKenzie Scott, Reid Hoffman, Marc Benioff, Elon Musk, Larry Ellison and Mark Zuckerberg with Priscilla Chan.

Previously Altman defended OpenAI's technology asserting its safety for widespread use despite concerns over potential risks. 

He advised seizing opportunities in this unique time stressing not to delay plans for the future.