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New Rule: Use Only iPhones- Not Androids

New Rule: Use Only iPhones- Not Androids

Microsoft has directed its China staff to use iPhones instead of Android smartphones for work. 

This move follows China's restriction on Apple iPhone use by government staff and a general decline in Chinese interest in Apple since the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Microsoft aims to enhance cybersecurity by banning Android smartphones for its employees in China a decision made in September 2023. 

Employees will use iPhones to access work systems, and Microsoft's 'Secure Future Initiative' will apply to hundreds of workers. 

The initiative includes using the Microsoft Authenticator password manager and Identity Pass app for security.

This shift mentions the distinct mobile ecosystems in China where Apple’s iOS exists alongside platforms from local companies like Xiaomi and Huawei as Android is not prevalent. 

Microsoft plans to provide iPhones to staff and make these available at various hubs in China and Hong Kong. 

The increased security measures respond to ongoing cyberattacks from state sponsored hackers.