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Miyazaki Mangoes: Rs 3 Lakh Per Kg

Miyazaki Mangoes: Rs 3 Lakh Per Kg

Summer in India is closely associated with mangoes, often called the ‘king of fruit’. Mangoes are enjoyed by nearly everyone whether raw in desserts, drinks, chutneys or curries. 

Typically they cost between Rs 100 and Rs 200 per kg but the Japanese Miyazaki variety can cost up to Rs 2.5 lakh to Rs 3 lakh per kg.

Miyazaki mangoes, also known as Taiyo-No-Tamago or "Egg of the Sun," are famous in Japan and are now grown in some parts of India. 

They were featured in mango festivals in Siliguri and Raipur last year. According to the National Horticulture Board, India produces 1,500 varieties of mangoes each summer, but Miyazaki is rare.

The Miyazaki mango originated in Miyazaki city of Japan in the 1980s, developed by researchers from Miyazaki University and local farmers. 

However some reports trace its origins back to the 1870s during Japan's Meiji period. 

These mangoes are cultivated using traditional techniques to suit Miyazaki’s climate and soil resulting in a fruit that is both tasty and long lasting.

Unlike common green or yellow mangoes Miyazaki mangoes turn from purple to flaming red when ripe and are harvested between April and August.