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Matrimony Ad Inviting A 'Dead' Groom

Matrimony Ad Inviting A 'Dead' Groom

A family in Puttur of Karnataka made a surprising announcement in a local newspaper. 

They are looking for a groom for their daughter who died thirty years ago. But the twist if that they want a groom who also passed away three decades ago.

The ad specifies they want a boy from the same caste and family background who died around the same time. 

This is for a ceremony called "Pretha Maduve," or spirit marriage which is a tradition in some communities.

Since the ad was published about 50 people have shown interest. Pretha Maduve is a ceremony conducted for deceased individuals to symbolize their union in the afterlife.

It's rooted in cultural and spiritual beliefs about life after death and honoring the memory of loved ones.

These rituals help maintain social ties and show respect for the deceased within the community.