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Indian Technology: Charge Mobiles And Cars In 1 Minute

Indian Technology: Charge Mobiles And Cars In 1 Minute

Ankur Gupta of India who is a researcher and assistant professor at the University of Colorado Boulder and his team have developed a technology for rapidly charging dead laptops, phones or electric cars. 

Their study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences depicts how ions move within tiny pore networks. 

This breakthrough will lead to more efficient energy storage devices especially supercapacitors which are crucial for both electronic devices and power grids. 

Gupta stresses that efficient storage is vital for managing energy demand minimizing waste during low demand periods and enabling rapid delivery during high demand times. 

This may result in charging a mobile in 1 minute and also cars in significantly faster pace when compared to the present scenario. 

Unlike batteries, the supercapacitors offer faster charging and longer lifespans by collecting ions in their pores. 

The research provides new insights into ion movement in complex pore networks a significant improvement over previous studies that only examined straight single pores. 

This new understanding allows for the prediction of ion flow in intricate networks of thousands of interconnected pores within minutes.