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Do YouTubers Give Competition To Mainstream Media?

Do YouTubers Give Competition To Mainstream Media?

All TV channels are said to be biased towards certain parties and survive at the behest of their financial support. 

This is the widespread opinion among the public. So, they search for alternative independent YouTubers who deliver meticulous content, though not with the heavy graphics used by mainstream TV channels.

In a 2022 Lokniti-CSDS survey it was revealed that TV news channels held the lowest levels of trust among the public. 

But they maintain their dominance as the primary news source for the majority of citizens.

Some media experts mentioned that people had switched from national mainstream media due to a loss of trust. 

They referred to them as ‘godi’ media or ‘bhopu’ (loudspeaker) media. It was noted that people had lost trust in such media. 

Additionally, trust had been gained by social media channels. 

The experts explained that this was because people were seeking to learn the truth, even in current times.

Many YouTubers have grown significantly in India in the last few years, and their views and subscribers have reached the next level during this election time over the last two months.

But the irony is that even these YouTubers are either right-wing or left-wing and thus propagate their points of view. 

People also stick to the YouTubers who resonate with their own beliefs.