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Aamir's Ex-Wife On Someone Touching Her Breast

Aamir's Ex-Wife On Someone Touching Her Breast

Sanjeeda Shaikh who is currently enjoying success from her web series 'Heeramandi' recently shared a shocking incident of being groped by a woman in a nightclub. 

In an interview, the actress recounted how a woman passerby touched her breasts leaving her stunned. 

Sanjeeda expressed her shock noting that inappropriate behavior is not exclusive to men but women can also be culprits.

She stressed that wrongdoing is not gender specific stating that calling out inappropriate actions is essential regardless of who commits them. 

Sanjeeda believes that playing the victim is not good but advocating for confronting wrongdoers makes sense.

In addition, Sanjeeda discussed her divorce from Aamir Ali in 2020. She recalled feeling deeply depressed at the time but has since grown stronger. 

She mentioned that she has learned to love herself and is now content with who she is.